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Keyframe Animation 2.0

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New Features in 2.0

Version 2.0 is a major update. A quick summary of new features is posted on the blog. The Keyframe Animation User Guide 2.0 has a detailed description of everything that is new.

Offline Use

Version 2.0.9+ has a new and improved license management system. It fixed a bug that prevented offline use in version 2.0.1 through 2.0.8. You can once again use the plugin offline for 7 days with a license.

Compatibility with SketchUp 2017

Version 2.0.8+ is compatible with SketchUp 2017. Previous versions might not be compatible with SketchUp 2017 on some computers.

Special Characters

Version 2.0.6 fixed a bug that caused the video export to fail if there were non-ASCII characters in the model's filename. For example, "C:\Temp\Maison modifiée.skp", or "C:\Users\Cédric\Temp\model.skp".

Special characters are now supported by Keyframe Animation in SketchUp 2014+.   SketchUp didn't have support for character encodings before 2014.   So, if you are using SketchUp 8 or SketchUp 2013, and there are special characters, Keyframe Animation warns you and fails gracefully.

Backward Compatibility


What is going on under the hood in version 2.0 is so different that your version 1.x animation will not run.   Basically, if you open a model with version 1.x position data, all of the commands on the toolbar and menu will be disabled.

However, version 2.0.5+ has a utility that will convert a 1.x animation to the format used in Keyframe Animation 2.x.   Access is, Keyframe Animation > Convert v1 to v2.

The version 2.x compatible animation is created in a new model.   You can save it with any name you want.   The original model is NOT modified.   When you open the new model in Keyframe Animation 2.0, your old animation will work the same as before, and all the toolbar buttons and menu items will be enabled normally.

This feature requires SketchUp 2014 or newer.

Free Trial

Keyframe Animation 2.0 comes with another 10-day free trial. Even if you already had a trial for version 1.x, you can get another. A license must be purchased to continue using the plugin after the free trial has expired.


Exporting the animation to a video is currently supported on only the PC, not the Mac yet. Exporting the animation to an image sequence is supported on both platforms. Of course, if you are on a Mac, you can always use Quicktime and capture a video of the animation that way.

Installation Instructions

The Keyframe Animation plugin is a Ruby zipped (.rbz) file. To install:

  1. Select Window > Preferences (Microsoft Windows) or SketchUp > Preferences (Mac OS X). The Preferences dialog box is displayed.
  2. Click on Extensions. The Extensions panel is displayed.
  3. Click on the Install Extension button. The Open dialog box is displayed.
  4. Locate the Ruby zip file to install (.rbz).
  5. Click on the Open button. The Ruby plugin appears in the list of extensions.
  6. Close and restart SketchUp. You should see the new toolbar buttons and menu items.

The last step is important. The first 5 steps copy the plugin to your hard drive. But the files are not loaded until you close and reopen SketchUp. You are still using the old plugin version until you restart SketchUp.

Keyframe Animation 1.9

Download Keyframe Animation for SketchUp

New Features in 1.9

This post describes the new features for Keyframe Animation 1.9.

Free Trial

Keyframe Animation 1.9 comes with another 10-day free trial. A license must be purchased to continue using the plugin after the free trial has expired.