Keyframe Animation for SketchUp

Keyframe Animation for SketchUp

Demo of Rotating Gears


Keyframe Animation is a Ruby plugin for SketchUp. It lets you easily add movement to any object (group or component) in your model. Move objects along a straight line, rotate them about any axis, or even change their size. You can move the camera too, which makes it great for walk-throughs. Best of all, the animation you create can be exported to a movie, directly from SketchUp.

The approach is simple and intutive. Ordinary SketchUp scenes act as keyframes. You just move the objects where you want them to be on each scene, and click a button to record their position. When a scene is selected, the objects will move, rotate, shrink or grow to their prerecorded positions, as if by magic.

Main Features

Translate Objects
Animate objects by moving them along a straight line between keyframes.
Rotate Objects
Animate objects by rotating them about any axis between keyframes.
Scale Objects
Make objects grow or shrink by scaling them between keyframes.
Animate Nested Objects
If an object is contained inside another object, you can still animate it. It will move relative to its parent. If the parent also moves, the composition of translations and rotations can produce more complex types of motion.
Animate the Camera
The camera can be animated using the native camera interpolation that is built into SketchUp scenes.
Transition Times
Set the exact amount of time it takes for the animation to transition from one keyframe to another.
Delay Times
Add a pause to the animation after it has transitioned to a keyframe, and before it starts the transition to the next keyframe.
Reorder Keyframes
It is easy to change the order of keyframes, or put them in reverse order, or any other permutation. Keyframes can be easily inserted or deleted at any place.
Animate Visibility
You can make objects appear or disappear by putting them on layers and turning the layer's visibility on or off for each keyframe.
Export a Movie
There is a feature that will generate all the intermediate scenes in between the keyframes. These tweens, as they are called, can be exported to a movie, directly from SketchUp.