Keyframe Animation

Demo of Rotating Gears

Keyframe Animation is a Ruby plugin for SketchUp. It runs on both Windows and the Mac for both the Free and Pro versions of SketchUp. You can easy to add movement to any object in your model. Move it from A to B, rotate it about any point, or even change its size. You can move the camera too, which makes it ideal for walk-throughs. Best of all, the animation you create can be exported to a movie, directly from SketchUp.

The approach is simple and intutive. Ordinary SketchUp scenes act as key frames. You just move the objects where you want them to be on each scene, and click a button to record their position. When each scene is selected, the objects will move to their prerecorded positions, as if by magic. Keyframe Animation interpolates the objects between key frames by translation, rotation, scaling, or a combination -- whatever is required. The end result is object animation in SketchUp, quick and easy.

Keyframe Animation Tutorials

There are a few Video Tutorials to get you started. Take a look and see how easy it is to use Keyframe Animation. Then you can download the plugin and activate a 10-day free trial.

Download Keyframe Animation for SketchUp Download Keyframe Animation

News Flash - Keyframe Animation 1.9 Released

At long last, version 1.9 is finally available. The license management system was overhauled and the Internet requirement was removed. You can read about all the new features in the release notes. Keyframe Animation 1.9 is available on the download page.

Main Features

Translates Objects
Animates objects by interpolating their position along a straight line.
Rotates Objects
Animates objects by interpolating rotations about any point, axis, and angle.
Scales Objects
Animates the size of objects by interpolating their scale between key frames.
Animate Subgroups/Subcomponents
Any group or component can be animated. If it is contained inside another group or component, it is animated relative to its parent. This allows you to combine translations, rotations, and scaling, to create complex types of motion.
Key Frame Transition Times
The transition time is the amount of time it takes for the animation to transition from the previous key frame to the current key frame. This value can be set for each key frame.
Key Frame Delay Times
Adds a pause to the animation after it has transitioned to a key frame, and before it starts the transition to the next key frame. This value can be set for each key frame.
Insert/Reorder/Delete Key Frames
Insert new key frames anywhere in the key frame sequence. Move individual key frames to change the order of the sequence. Any key frame can be deleted.
Animate Layer Visibility
You can make objects appear and disappear by putting them on a layer and adjusting the layer visibility property for each key frame.
Export Animation to a Movie
There is a feature that will generate all the intermediate scenes in between the key frames. These tweens, as they are called, can be exported to a movie, directly from SketchUp.

To find out how SU Animate and Proper Animation compare with Keyframe Animation, for each of these features, please read this review: Three Animation Plugins Compared.

Keyframe Animation Documentation

The User Guide has detailed documentation about the features in Keyframe Animation and how to use them.

Keyframe Animation Demos

The Demos page has several animations made with Keyframe Animation. They illustrate many of the features such as animating sub-components and animating object visibility.